Fun and Practical Tablet Apps for Seniors

Traditionally, we have a tendency to companion technology with the younger technology, yet, older adults are fantastically proficient with more than a few modern-day era. For example, 59% of Americans aged sixty five and above go browsing and seventy seven% of this populace use mobile phones.

In fact, 23% of this populace actively play video games the use of cellphones, computer systems or gaming systems.

Not only do these figures indicate considerable generation use, but the numbers are also continuing to grow.

In precise, pills are an instance of modern-day technology that many seniors can use very efficaciously.

The term tablet refers to touchscreen-based computer systems that tend to be mild and without problems portable. The iPad is one of the greater well-known examples of these, although there are numerous others.

Because they are a kind of computer, tablets have their own running machine and can run a massive wide variety of programs (apps), which includes many distinctive video games.

Tablets may additionally range from a display screen length of round five visit inches all the way as much as round 10 inches, with display screen sizes from 7 to 10 inches being the maximum not unusual.

Most tablets will run either an Apple or an Android running gadget. Many apps may be gift inside the stores for each styles of pills, however some will handiest be provided with the aid of one of the stores. Most of the apps I’m discussing right here are present in both shops, and I specify the instances where this is not true.

The touch screen interface of those gadgets has a tendency to be enormously clean for seniors to study and lots of them have a tendency to pick out up on what to do very without problems. Larger pills paintings quality for seniors, especially people with terrible eyesight, as these have larger font sizes and the onscreen buttons tend to be larger.

Many humans try to locate the first-rate Apple or Android apps for seniors, however with so many options available, it can be a quite difficult undertaking.


For caregivers and for seniors, drugs may be attractive in some of ways.

One crucial thing is that the video games on capsules can keep seniors mentally active, especially as some games can be challenging. Research has indicated that cognitive pastime can be one key thing in supporting to lower the terrible consequences of getting old on cognition. Another attraction is that pill games can give seniors something to do with their spare time, maintaining them entertained and engaged.

With such a lot of distinct kinds of games to be had for tablets, you must be able to discover video games that work for any senior, with a little little bit of searching. This can be particularly crucial for caregivers who want a touch little bit of a spoil.

In a few cases, pill apps can even be a manner of keeping seniors socially engaged, as a few games allow for more than one on line players or assist verbal exchange between people.Likewise, seniors might also play the identical games as each other, presenting them the threat to speak to each other about the games.


As you would possibly anticipate, there’s a bit of a getting to know curve with drugs.

Some seniors may be capable of pick out up on the way to use capsules and video games without difficulty. Others will need extra coaching.

The foremost component that you may need to train seniors is the basics of interacting with a tablet.

Tablets use contact monitors, which might be smooth to apprehend. However, seniors do need to learn how to contact the screen to get the preferred outcome and learn the influences that their actions have at the tool.

Seniors often discover ways to use the contact screen tremendously without problems, however can also now and again discover specific tasks hard.

For example, one aged lady I understand can use a pill for a number of video games without any assistance, however nevertheless has trouble unlocking the tablet.

Likewise, you may find that you need to train some standards multiple times.

Some seniors may be capable of figure out video games intuitively, but others may additionally want to study how to play particular video games. This may be a count of sitting down with them and stepping them through any new sport they start.

At the stop of the day, that is some thing you will should determine out on a case-with the aid of-case basis. As seniors get better at using drugs, you may locate that they pick out up new video games more easily and want much less help in widespread.


The range of apps and video games for pills may be daunting.

For example, some of the categories consist of puzzle, phrase, casual, card and board games – and that isn’t even counting the extra practical apps, like audiobook players and eBook readers.

This may be quite overwhelming even in case you best need to find a few suitable apps. The guidelines in this article come from speakme to seniors and their families, and additionally from searching online, to determine out which apps are maximum appropriate for seniors.

While many seniors can play any recreation, the emphasis right here is on apps which might be highly clean to pick up and learn – to accommidate seniors who may also conflict with some elements of the usage of a pill.

This put up will present a number of one of a kind entertainment and sensible apps for Android and Apple devices, and additionally discuss the various features that make some apps more suitable than others for the senior in your own family. All apps discussed are unfastened until otherwise noted.

While there are many different apps obtainable, this list can act as an awesome jumping factor for buying seniors into drugs.


Angry Birds Rio (for Apple and Android) is a puzzle recreation, but the easy controls and a laugh photos make it an excellent select for seniors. The primary purpose of the game is to use a slingshot and knock down buildings and there are numerous other games inside the Angry Birds range, and they may be all quite similar. As with many games, this app is hit or leave out, a few seniors will like it, others may not be interested at all.

Farmville 2: Country Escape (for Apple and Android) is a farm game with an emphasis on growing plants and getting cash. Farmville has attracted huge audiences through Facebook and this precise app is Farmville’s pill presenting. It is a game that calls for method, studying and planning, so it might not be suitable for all seniors. However, I realize some of seniors who experience the game and just like the manner that it continues them questioning. Additionally, this recreation has a social detail, allowing gamers to join a co-op, where they can help one another and chat to one another. I’ve seen gamers get so stuck up within the chat that they barely contact the relaxation of the sport.

Peggle Blast (for Apple and Android) is hard to give an explanation for, but the sport essentially includes the usage of a ball to knock out pegs. Peggle appears complex at first, however the sport is easy to pick out up and may be a variety of amusing without being confusing. Peggle Blast is the unfastened version of the sport, and has in-app purchases. The original sport and its sequel (Peggle and Peggle Nights) are both additionally to be had on Android and Apple. These versions cost to purchase, but are better inside the long-run.

The Sims Freeplay (for Apple and Android) is a version of the Sims franchise, although most seniors probable haven’t heard of the franchise. This is a challenge-primarily based sport wherein customers build families and send characters (Sims) on obligations. It calls for less approach than Farmville, but both video games require watching for tasks to finish. This is a not unusual method in many similar games, and makes for relaxing recreation play, where you place it up and are available back later.


Block Puzzle (for Android) is is a puzzle sport in which users ought to fit blocks within a shape. It is easy to recognize however can get hard as human beings progress through the game. While this specific app appears to be Android best, there are numerous comparable apps in both Android and Apple stores.

Clevermind ($2.Ninety nine for Apple) is mainly designed for humans with Alzheimer’s disorder. It consists of a number of features for entertainment, such as video games, trivia and a journal. Additionally, the app lets in for voice interaction and can be used to browse the net in a more user-pleasant way.

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic (for Apple and Android) is a great pill desire for puzzles, despite the fact that there are many comparable apps accessible. Jigsaw puzzles are a exquisite option for seniors, and doing them on the tablet is an easier option than taking up the living room with a puzzle. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic is a unfastened app that includes a massive range of puzzles. Users can select what number of portions their puzzle is (from four to 400) and additionally whether the pieces of the puzzle can rotate or now not. More puzzles may be purchased from the in-sport keep, but the unfastened puzzles need to last maximum customers for a long time.

Word Search Puzzles (for Apple and Android) is certainly one of many phrase search apps accessible. It has huge text and is easy to use, making it a terrific choice for seniors. However, it does no longer have a placing for problem, so it won’t work for absolutely everyone.

Words With Friends (for Apple and Android) is a turn-based social game that performs like Scrabble. The social element of the game comes from the manner that you play against different human beings, taking turns with them. The game additionally offers you the capacity to talk to the people you are gambling in opposition to, which may be true if seniors are playing against friends. The loose model has commercials, which may be a pain, but the social issue of the game may be attractive to seniors.


Kindle (for Apple and Android) is one example of an eBook reader, even though there are many different apps with comparable capabilities. Kindle can be an awesome desire, as shopping for books thru the app (or on-line) is particularly simple and the charges are frequently reasonable. In truth, you could buy Kindle apps from the Amazon keep. Most apps for eBook reading have alternatives to make the e-book simpler to read, including increasing font length or changing the assessment. Using this sort of app may be a tremendous way for seniors to study and the app gives you the capacity to make any book right into a massive print e book.

Audible (for Apple and Android) is certainly one of many apps for playing audiobooks. As with Kindle, this app makes it smooth to buy books, and both Kindle and Audible are tied into Amazon. The books may be a piece at the luxurious side, however Audible gives a monthly plan that gives customers one audiobook per month and 30% off all other audiobooks. This is a extraordinary choice for seniors who have hassle studying (or don’t want to).

Although it is membership based ($7.Ninety nine/month), Netflix is a extremely good manner for seniors to watch films and television indicates. Its competitor Hulu is also a very good choice ($7.99/month for Hulu Plus, unfastened for primary Hulu), as Hulu regularly has greater traditional shows than Netflix gives. If you have got community subscription, you may be capable of get admission to different apps, like HBO Go, which assist you to movement content from particular networks. Both of these apps are for Apple and Android gadgets.


Big Launcher ($10.00 for Android) creates a brand new home display screen for Android devices which a whole lot larger icons. This can enhance clarity for seniors who conflict to look icons on gadgets, specially on smaller gadgets. A demo model of the app is also to be had. This is one of the incredibly few Apple or Android apps for seniors that has sincerely specially been designed for this population, with CleverMind (above) being any other one.


We’ve mentioned some of distinct apps right here, but we’ve got best scratched the surface.

Both Apple and Android have titanic shops that are constantly up to date with new apps. This method the options for Apple and Android apps for seniors are quite tons endless.


One of the primary matters to observe when choosing apps is to discover the kind of app the senior may experience.

For example, a few seniors experience video games, even as others experience apps that venture them mentally.

Knowing the sort (or kinds) of app to search for permit you to to narrow down what you want. This can also take trial and blunders, and staying power.

Additionally, if you know the kind of app, you may regularly use the hunt function inside the store itself to discover what you’re looking for. For example, you may pick out to look ‘card video games’ or ‘word search’, which could give you a listing of apps that fall below these phrases. The technique isn’t always unique, as it’s miles seeking out words within the title of the app, however it works well for wellknown categories of apps.

You can also observe classes and subcategories of apps.

For example, within the Google Play shop (Android’s app shop), video games is one category and some of its subcategories consist of: board, card, informal, puzzle and phrase.

When deciding on apps, the superstar score also can give a demonstration of app quality.

Typically four or five star apps are really worth trying even as whatever three stars or beneath is questionable.

In many instances though, it is able to be a case of downloading apps and attempting them out.

I do not advise this for paid apps, but there’s a big variety of unfastened apps inside the apps shops that you may pick out from.