Learn Spanish Words – Great Spanish Words and Phrases For the Beginner

These are generally commonplace phrases that we use on a ordinary basis, so we are saying them regularly. This is why they can really have a extensive effect at the nice of our speech! This article is the primary in a series in an effort to perceive generally mispronounced phrases and how to pronounce them efficiently.

There are many commonplace words that are regularly mispronounced, but this article will take a look at 10 of the most not unusual ones, how they are typically mispronounced, and the way to mention them efficaciously. If you are currently mispronouncing any of those words, take some time to discover ways to pronounce them effectively, so can keep away from making a “vocabulary fake pas!”

1. Supposedly
The accurate pronunciation how to pronounce entrepreneur `is “suh-POSE-identification-lee”
The maximum commonplace mispronunciation is”suh-POSE-ub-lee”
Remember, there’s never a “b” in “supposedly.”

2. Across
The accurate pronunciation is “uh-CROSS”
The most common mispronunciation is “uh-CROSST”
For some purpose, many people add a “t” on the cease of this word, which is incorrect.

Three. Pronunciation
The accurate pronunciation is ”  f95zone pro-nun-see-YA-shin”
The most not unusual mispronunciation is “seasoned-noun-see-YA-shin”
The confusion on this phrase, I consider, stems from the verb “pronounce” which has “noun” in it, but whilst it turns into the noun “pronunciation”, the second one syllable “noun” adjustments to “nun”.

Four. Probably
The correct pronunciation is “Praw-bub-lee”
The most commonplace mispronunciations are “praw-lee” and “prob-lee”
The key to pronouncing this word efficaciously is remembering there may be a “bub” in the middle, and it continually has 3 syllables.

5. Recognize
The accurate pronunciation is “RECK-ug-nize”
The maximum commonplace how many acres is a football field mispronunciation is “RECK-uh-nize”
Somehow the “g” inside the center of this word is forgotten!

6. Regardless
The correct pronunciation is “ree-GARD-much less”
Many human beings confuse the phrase “regardless” with “irregardless” reported as “ear-ree-GARD-less”
There simply is not any such phrase as “irregardless” so do no longer fall into this mispronunciation lure.

7. Nuclear
The accurate pronunciation is “NEW-klee-yer”
The maximum not unusual mispronunciation is “NEW-cue-ler”
Many distinguished human beings, consisting of news broadcasters and politicians say this one incorrectly. There is no vowel between the “c” and “l” within the phrase “nuclear”… Ever.

Eight. Especially
The correct pronunciation is “es-PESH-uh-lee”
The most not unusual mispronunciation is “eks-PESH-uh-lee”
Please understand that there’s no “k” sound inside the first syllable of this phrase.

9. Et cetera
The accurate pronunciation is “eht-SET-er-uh”
The maximum commonplace mispronunciation is “ex-SET-er-uh”
In this phrase, the “t” is incorrectly changed with a “okay”.

10. Ask
The accurate pronunciation is “ask”, simply as it’s far spelled, however many humans positioned the “okay” earlier than the “s”, so it seems like “aks”. Remember that the “s” constantly comes earlier than the “okay”, otherwise it will become “axe.”